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lala lalalalalalalala lalalala. im soooooo bored. all of u left me.… - fuckheads [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 12th, 2004|02:49 am]


[mood |coldcold]

lalalalalalalalalalalalalala. im soooooo bored. all of u left me. sleepy buttheads. lolo jus went nite nite. and daniel went idle a lil while ago. so now im stuk with nobodi boohoo =(. haha. i met a new friend his names austin n hes 17. and i was talkin to him on the fone but he went to bed too. gay!. o wells mayb im not kewl enough to talk to him? duno. but he told me to call him tomorow so its all good. wel todays i slept till like 1.40 then got up and did nothing cuz im boring. but tonite i went to west oaks with my mom and saw cellular. kickass movie. haha wel sorta. but yeah im jus talkin and talkin and talkin. im like a lil energizer bunny. hehe. goe me. i found the cable that connects to my computer from my cam. so iv been taking pictures of me that look like crap like crazy. haha fun fun. now people jus need to come over so i can take pics of them too. then i got pics of everybody on the comp. haha kickass. daniel u can use my cam to take pics if u ever come over or i get to c ya agains. jus tell me to bring it n ill try. [i wont tell my mommy] she mite flip. o wels. lalalalalalalalalalalalala. boredness hmmm tomorow.... or later since its past 12 i got a shytload of hw to do. yuk. i got history and english. which sux cuz their both hard and i hate doin it. and i didnt get nebodys to copy which i was planing on doing. but nobodi had it wen i asked so i kinda forgot. but o wells. ill try to call somebody tomorow or somethin... so if i call u u better help me out!. cuz its hard junk and i hafta concentrate?. on my essay for english cuz crystal will kill me if we dont get a good grade. but if it wasnt for crystal i doubt that id actualli finish. so i gues its kinda good that shes strict. lol. but hmmmmm i wanna highlight my hair sooooo bad. im goin crazy. i want somethin. different. sinc i havent been able to get the nonpermanent green shyt. im jus gunna end up gettin red ones from the place which is gunna b gayyy. cuz it costs like 80 bux. wen i could just do it myself for like 20. but blah. my big sissi still hasnt invited me over so im sad bout that. cuz i miss her. =(. hehe even tho her post was bout me ... i feel so special haha. thnkyaz!. you rok tooz n i love youz. tore cut his hair n i havent seen it yet but it sux cuz i liked it long. cuz i like long hair of corse. cuz im wierd i duno but yeah atleast that shyt will grow bak by the end of the year. so it isnt that bad i gues. o0o0o0o daniels friends kno my name now. which is sooo kewl. they dont look at me like im that crazy nemores cuz they all used to.. mike says hes gunna work on that. and dustin actualli talked to me which was funki. but he jus wanted to see my shirt*. haha. that was kewl. im gettin all i wanted. fuk yeah. im prety excited. damn its 3 in the mornin wat the hell am i doin up. goodness. wowness. blahness. lalala. hmmmm i think im done now. but since yall people r SLACKING on this thingie. i gues ima jus hafta post my pictures and my boringness on heres. daniel u better not do wat u sayds. cuz i do talk to u n so does mike. so it wouldnt b fair if u started bein like that. remember like wen u acted boring or w/e ahh that drove me crazy. i wanted to just like run up behind u and jump on u to snap u out of it. ahh. wel ima go find my cd player.

Mandas ♥ 's u

ps. sissi i wanna go on those fukin jetskiis NOW! damnit =(
pss. lolo i won.! im not with all the guys or w/e haha.
.. i should gain one more pound so u can hush. but knowin u ud probly lose one and that would suk! hahahaha. love youz! ;)

From: im_indecisive
2004-09-12 09:22 am (UTC)
manda your gettin ALL the guys now lol. oh and i liked your shirt that you wore on friday, i wanna wear it sometime haha. you know how everyone wants to wear your clothes

why dont you do your hair yourself?

.lolo (hahaha)
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[User Picture]From: tiger_shortay
2004-09-12 11:10 am (UTC)
ur carazy missi. haha. thnkyaz bout the shirt. haha i liked it too. how come u did?. lol only u n vickie do. not everyone. yall two r just crazy.

cuz brownie supose to help me out. but we havent hung out yet.

yay u calld urselfs lolo. woohoo! its growin on ya. haha
Mandas ♥ 's Lolo
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From: im_indecisive
2004-09-12 03:04 pm (UTC)
hey if you do green and i do red....MORE CHRISTMAS COLORS hahah
.lolo haha
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[User Picture]From: tiger_shortay
2004-09-12 03:08 pm (UTC)
hahaha. yeah thadd b kickass tho.
Mandas ♥
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